All Hyped Up.

Sunday, September 6

Jump jump jump!

I am shifting.


Tears and Joy


See you there!

Ee Laine.

Friday, September 4


Went to 1U last Friday with King and Tuck to catch up. Without Jason, Ju and Kat this time round cause they couldn't make it =( Nevertheless, the 3 of us had a great time.

We went to Dave Deli's for lunch. Only I ate because they already filled their stomachs with Bak Kut Teh before coming. We were chatting, laming and cracking up while they "watched" me eat. I tell you, these guys can be comedians. Why don't you 2 go for tryouts eh? =)

After my lunch, we went to The Chocolate Lounge to chat some more. Had a very rich (too rich maybe) chocolate drink. I almost died drinking it after my intake of my lasagna for lunch.
However, I was a contented lil girl when I got home. Forget that I over-indulged that day. I won't be doing this in a very long time, I know.

King has caught the DSLR fever too it seems! Haha. With a D90 in hand taking pictures. Learnt a few new things on how to use some features too. Somehow his D90 looks more appealing than mine, I am yet to find out why.

Some pictures I stole from King.
While eating.Tuck!King, Tuck and I.

The next time we go out, we'll gather the whole "team"! In advance too of course.


Ee Laine.

Xia's "very early" Birthday Present

Today, (if not the most) was one of my embarrassing days. I actually know that Xia's birthday is on the 27th but I had set in my head that her birthday is tomorrow and I bought the cake.
YES, I rushed my mum to get the cake after she fetched me form school today without realizing her birthday is not until another 3 weeks 1 day!! When Xia came in for tuition and asked me what it was while pointing at the box containing her cake I told her it was her early birthday present. She gave me a surprised look and then it hit me at that moment that it's not her birthday tomorrow! At that moment I felt like smacking myself but Xia saved me by thanking us all who shared to buy the cake and said it was ok.

Thanks dear! x) Will wish you again. Happy super early birthday.

Ee Laine.

Friday, August 28

Potato Salad

Did some cooking yesterday morning. Prepared everything single-handed, honest! Potato salad and an omelet for myself. I had some fun in the kitchen.

First I did all the cutting. Cut the spring onion and the bacon. Mixed the dressing in a bowl, then boiled my potatoes. Boiling the potatoes was tough for me because I had no experience whatsoever and I didn't have anyone to consult thus, taking me about 30 minutes to just do the potatoes. Later, the bacons[oh-so-yummy!] were cooked. The potatoes were then put into the bowl containing the dressing and stirred with yogurt. Add some lemon juice, bacon and it's ready to go! =)

It was my first time cooking without using any pre-packed stuff so I was a bit lost on what to do, but thankfully I managed it, without any help. Mum said it was good, but I think too much olive oil in my dressing, oops.

My potato salad with bacon.

Although that was all hard work for me, I was still a satisfied "cook" in the end. I won't be cooking for awhile now, oh wells. Ciaoz the mouse.
Ee Laine.

Monday, August 17

All I have left is memories that will hurt. Watching from afar, my tears roll down, it's going to be tough, I know. It was never meant to be, although that doesn't explain everything but I guess that's all I'm going to get from you.
A child's mind never to be played with, their feelings never to be meddled with and their hearts never should be shattered.

I'll pick myself up for you guys,
G, N, C, Ja, Je & Ke. Also you, M.
You guys are my king, now I understand, John.
Thank you.

Ee Laine.

This will be my hardest pill ever.
Sick and tired.
Emotionally, physically and mentally.
I hope you do understand.

Thursday, August 13

Eric Turns 20!

I know it's a special day for you, and I wanna say happy burfday, dumb!
I'm sure you had an awesomely awesome day, in fact I know it!

Well, i wanna say thanks for everything. From being there for me and what not, being a joker and a subject to laugh at altogether. Haha. I must say you have been a great blessing in my life and to others as well. Yes, you are going to deny it. Deny all you want, I won't take it back!

All the best for your exams Eric Marc Samuel, and once again, blessed 20th birthday!

...happy birthday to... you..., Marc!

Ee Laine.

Wednesday, August 12

If we can't identify what's the truth, what is there to depend on?